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Future Horizons Inc, a world-leading ASD resource publishers – has noted that parents all over the world are suddenly homeschooling. This has prompted the creation of ‘Homeschooling, Autism Style: Reset for Success‘, a book that can be used by teachers and now parents alike in supporting their learning journeys of their children and young people who live on the spectrum. Given the seriousness of the 2020 Covid pandemic and varying concerns that many parents have over whether they can ensure their children aren’t falling behind, this resource has arrived refreshed, at a good time.

Future Horizons asks: “Are you one of them? If you have children on the autism spectrum, the prospect may seem even more daunting. Homeschooling, Autism Style: Reset for Success will give you what you need to step up.”

Supporting ASD families with homeschooling

Their learning new resource and guide says it will help parents to map out the best way for your kids to learn at home, according to their own strengths and rhythms, find varied, interactive and fun activities to create teachable moments, and integrate learning into everyday life.

“You’ll also meet three fictional characters you may recognize from your own family: Distractible Dory, Hyper-focused Hermione, and Creative Calvin.”


Although the book was written primarily for homeschooling families with children on the autism spectrum, Future Horizons Inc says that the tips and tools are equally effective for your kids with ADHD, OCD, sensory integration or processing problems, learning difficulties, and even for typically-developing children.

“Whoever you are, and wherever you are on your homeschooling journey, you’ll find something here for your family,” said Future Horizons.

About Future Horizons

Future Horizons Inc. is a world leader in providing ASD teaching, guardian, parent and caere resources and materials in the USA and beyond. They offer books that help support teachers, parents, family members, and caretakers improve their understanding of ASD and be able to build a foundation of positive growth, both intellectually and emotionally.