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Promotions – the lifeblood of any growing organisation in the education and training sectors. The team at Chief Learning Magazine believe in the power of praise, and that goes for people especially in the education, training and learning industries. That’s why we are open to publishing the growth and the steps made throughout the careers of every amazing individual in these industries.

As per our Appointments including executives, board and new hires; promotions can be set here at Chief Learning Magazine for publication by submitting your post as a paid submission, or by attempting out Wildcard submissions channel. Our editorial teams do not guarantee the receipt of reading of wildcard submissions, however it will take any significant post or role promotions which display global promise, unique ingenuity and truly progressive industry change which support education accessibility into account for priority editing and possible publication.

Ensure the Promotion submission is as accurate as possible and that you have the permission of the employer if you need it

If you are announcing your own job promotion or title bump appointment, we would expect you to have satisfied your employer by gaining their permission first to make this kind of announcement – as a basic courtesy and to ensure we are printing factual, sustainable information!

We would also expect all Promotions information provided to us in either a Wildcard release or through an official submission, as being accurate and truly reflective of the person being celebrated and promoted publicly in our magazine.

Simply navigate to the Submit News page where you’ll be able to access the publications store, and choose the appropriate announcement/appointment category that suits you. We guarantee publication within 72 hours of submission of your post from the store.

By Jane